Type 1 Cycling

Type 1 Cycling


I have an Eddie Merckx EMX-1 2012 edition that I bought in September 2012.  It has full Shimano 105, with a compact 50/34, and 11-28T on the back.  I have Fulcrum 7 wheels, Shimano pedals and Bont shoes.

I have a Garmin 800, with speed/cadence and heart rate monitor, follow my rides here.

I have a cyclops magneto trainer at home for the times when I just don't want to go outside to train.

I use a Freestyle lite blood glucose monitor and a Freestyle Insulinx blood glucose monitor.

I also use a Dexcom G4 continuous glucose monitor

I use Wavesense to record my sugar, insulin and food data.

My short term insulin is Novorapid, I usually take 4 units per 15g of carbohydrate at breakfast or lunch, plus 1 unit for every 25 I am over 100mg/dL and in the evening 3 units per 15g carbohydrate and 1 unit for every 30 I am over 150mg/dL

My long term insulin is Levermir, I usually take 20 units on a regular night.

I am active on bicycles.stackexchange.com

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