Type 1 Cycling

Type 1 Cycling


TeamBloodGlucose.  I am involved with TeamBG and recently rode as part of the team participating in the mHealth Grand Tour.  It is dedicated to getting people with diabetes to exercise more.  The more active member will be participating in events to show that we are not at all limited by our Diabetes.

Kvusat Misug Aleph.  I have partnered with Kfir who runs the Facebook group to bring a little TeamBG to Israel.

#ILDOC - The Israel Diabetic Online Community - currently on hiatus
Featuring a weekly tweetchat Wednesday nights at 9pm.
The goal is to bring together diabetics from all over the world to chat about diabetes through different local chats in other countries. It started with #GBDOC but now there are many others including, #OZDOC, #DSMA, #CANDOC, #ESDOC, #DEDOC, #ITDOC.  Each has a focus on Diabetic care and treatment in their own country but participation is encouraged from anyone that wishes to join.  The chat will be available in both Hebrew and English. Follow @theILDOC for updates.
See ildoc blog and about for more details.

Question and Answer site for Diabetes on Stack Exchange.
The site is proposed here and there is more information here.  The goal is to get it off the ground, so that we can provide support and a knowledge base for the whole Diabetic community, provided by the Diabetic community.
This project failed as it did not have enough of a following

#BGNOW data
I am currently writing code to download / capture all the tweets using the #BGNOW hashtag. The code will parse the data, to find the bgs and save to a database. I have ideas of visualizing the data but not sure exactly what I want to show, ideas welcome.

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