Type 1 Cycling

Type 1 Cycling

Friday, December 7, 2012

Cycling at the olympics

Its been months since I was in London.  But I have fond memories and a nice teeshirt from the week I spent at the Olympics.  I attended 6 events in total but the highlights were the first and last events that I attended the Cycling Time Trial at Hampton Court Palace, and the very last night at the velodrome.  The atmosphere at all the events was amazing, but somehow got turned up to 11 when a British contender was doing well or even winning the gold medal.  And I got to see some of my cycling heroes win medals.  So here are some pictures, the highlights of these events.

Enjoy the whole album here

Here are some of my favourites.

Wearing my home made Go Wiggo teeshirt

My view of the screen showing Hampton Court Palace

Lizzie Armistead coming home

Lizzie Armistead coming past me

Everyone out having a great time, and sporting some gold too

Fumiyuki Beppu

Michael Albasisni

Banter with the guys across the street

Ryder Hesjedal





Spartacus in pain

poorly dressed but awesome

state of the art velodrome

warming up

Vicky P in the semi final

wins it be a mile

Laura Trott in the scratch race - ominium

More of the scratch race

Victorious Trotty after winning the 500m TT and the ominium

Vicky P in the sprint final

Start of the Keirin final

Chris Hoy coming round the final bend to take the win


Chris Hoy becoming the most successful British olympian

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