Type 1 Cycling

Type 1 Cycling

Thursday, June 20, 2013

My upcoming events

The Israeli National Championship Masters (Amateur) - June 22nd
Same route as the Negba race but this time 100KM so thats 7 laps.

The mHealth Tour stage 4 as part of TeamBG  - September 16-19th
you can follow all my training on Strava

Grand Fondo Jerusalem - 11th October - 150KM

Bishvil HaShanti - October 26th
180km from the Tel Aviv Shanti House to the Desert Shanti house.  Shanti house is an organisation that takes children who have no where else to go and gives them a home and opportunities for a life they might not have had.  They do great work and I am happy to be supporting them.

The Gran Fondo Dead Sea Diabetes Challenge - December 13th
There will be two starts for regular riders 155KM and 100KM (these are approximate).  From the second start it will be timed.  I want to put to get a big group of riders to ride in support of TeamBG to publicize what we do on a national and international level.  We are thinking of opening up the first section to people who what to come and support this effort but do not feel that they can make the longer distances.  As this first section is not timed I am hoping to encourage many people to wear the jersey and cycle with us in a group.
I would like to extend an invitation to anyone currently involved in TeamBG or connected to Diabetes in any way to come join in and support our organisation.  I can help with arrangements and navigating the Hebrew pages if needed.

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