Type 1 Cycling

Type 1 Cycling

Sunday, July 7, 2013

One year on

It was around this time last year, my brother was racing in his first triathlon, the Tour de France was starting and my addiction to cycling at an all time high.  Bradley Wiggins, who I had been following since he was a track champion in 2004, was going into the tour as the big favourite.  So I pumped up my tires and started doing some cycling.  Some days when my wife needed the car I got a lift to work with my bike and rode home.  By August I was ready for a bigger challenge.  I got up early one Saturday morning and rode.  I rode until I couldn't any more.  I made it to Tal Shachar, my cousins moshav, after riding 60Km.  I was really happy with that.  The following week I was back at it.  In September I bought a new bike, Merckx EMX 1, and started riding more and faster each week.  I rode in the Tel Aviv bike ride and then the Sovev Galil Maarav.

By November last year I was a little unsure about how I was managing with my diabetes, especially as I had an HbA1c of 7.4%.  So when I met with my dietitian she recommended that I meet with the sports consultant at the diabetes center.  The consultant, Yaara, advised me to join a cycling club and recommend Carmi and X-team.  I have been training with them since the beginning of December.

Since then I have met some great people in the team, done some fantastic rides, and some not so fantastic rides.  I have raced in the national championships and now I am preparing for a 3 day tour over the Pyrenees.

I have a had a great time riding my bike and I am getting stronger and fitter than I ever was before I was diagnosed with Diabetes.  My weight has come down, my control over my blood sugar has improved and my HbA1c result was 6.6% last time it was tested.  I am thankful to Carmi and X-Team as well as my health care team, Dana, Yosi, Yaara and Dr Hazanov, for helping me achieve my goals.

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