Type 1 Cycling

Type 1 Cycling

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

X-Team fundraiser for TeamBG - 24hrs at Givat Hamofaim

During one of our drives to a weekend bike ride, my friend, Alon, and I were discussing my work with Team Blood Glucose. He told me that he had a great idea that we could use to raise money. It was something that he already wanted to do but hadn't had a cause to do it for, until now. 

The goal was to have people riding round the track where we train, Givat HaMofaim, for 24 hours. Each rider would ride for at least one hour and get sponsorship. We organized a sign up sheet online and encouraged people from X-Team to get involved. 

We decided to do it the day before Rosh Hashana  (the Jewish New Year). The end of the ride would be followed by a talk by me and a toast to the new year. It worked well as it coincided with two practices, and also my final hard week. 

The start of 4 hours

View of the cities skyscrapers from the peacefulness of the park

I turned up to practice and began to ride. I rode at an easy pace keeping heart rate low to save energy. I rode for four hours. Joined periodically by members of the team during practice and then when all the others had gone just Yael and I continued until 10am when the next pair showed up. Bouyan and Ilan rode next and again in the middle of the night. During the day I got updates and pictures through Facebook and Whatsapp. Each time bringing a smile to my face seeing the team come together to help put on an event to aid my cause. 

Yael and I with the track to ourselves
Amazing how quite it gets when everyone else goes to work
Ilan and Boyan taking over from Yael and me
I left them to it until 330am, when I got out of bed to take my final four hour shift. I rode by myself for an hour in the dark with only sprinklers for company. It was warm so even at 4 in the morning it was fine for riding. I was joined at 5am by Hillit and at 6am by Gadi. I rode until the rest of the team finished regular training and we rode a final lap together.
The evening session change over
Mor and Vered post ride

It was really amazing seeing everyone come together and ride with me. I had a really good time and felt like we did something a little silly and a lot worth while. 

Amnon enjoying the night ride
Omer and Alex 
Alon and Amir handing over to Boyan and Ilan

Oh yes! that's the time I got up
Joined by Hillit at 5am
The runners come out early too

Joined by the mountain bikers
The final lap of honour

After the ride. I gave a talk, entirely in Hebrew, about diabetes, my life and training with diabetes and finally about Team Blood Glucose and the mHealth Grand Tour. Hilariously 10 minutes into the talk someone pointed out that I had forgotten to explain what exactly diabetes was. I had explained how I found out and what I needed to do but not the simple fact that my pancreas refuses to produce insulin. We raised a good amount of money for TeamBG so I was thoroughly pleased with how it all turned out. 

The talk

Everyone listening intently
I would like to thank Alon for coming up with the idea in the first place and helping out things into motion. Thanks also to Carmi for giving his support. And of course a huge thanks to all of X-Team for riding, donating and listening to my presentation. I couldn't have done it without you. 


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