Type 1 Cycling

Type 1 Cycling

Monday, October 29, 2012

Hill climbing repeats

Today I did some hill climbing repeats as suggested by this answer on Stack Exchange.  I did not have much time so I thought this would be a good exercise for training.  My hill climbing is terrible.  Looking at previous climbs I can go hard on the flat and descend with the best of them.  My hill climbing however is slow compared to other riders who I can keep up with on the flat.

My max speed from last weeks ride.  I am a bit of a demon descender!

Even the slightest incline can see me dropping off the pace.  So my goals were to do this hill (a category 4, 2KM climb) in under 6 mins and to see if I can manage my sugar better to avoid the huge swings I am getting after intensive training.  In case you don't want to read on I did not achieve either goal.  I did cut my best time for the hill down to 6:12, 24 seconds better than my previous best, and I climbed the hill 7 times in total in under and hour and a half.  So that being said it wasn't a total bust of a day.

The past two weeks have been a similar pattern.  Fine during the ride, and blood sugar rising fast after the ride.  I make the same mistake both times, over compensating for the hyper by taking too much insulin and have a low blood sugar episode sometime later that day.  From the previous ride until this one my blood sugar control has been really good.  The raise in metabolic rate as a result of my exercise seems to be keeping everything else in check.

In More Detail

The night before the the ride we went out for dinner.   I always find this a little tricky.  I have learned not to take my short term insulin before I get my main course or at least until the first course arrives if it is accompanied by bread.  The reason being if I take my bolus when I sit down and there is a delay in getting the food then I will have a hypo before I get to eat anything and that will be dinner ruined.  Inevitably service was very slow, the staff were great, and we were given a number of complimentary dishes.  They were mainly deserts so I missed out on that somewhat, but thankful as every that I waited to take my insulin.  The other tricky part is I never know how much food I am going to get (unless I have been to the restaurant and ordered the exact same dish before).  So I wait until I can see my food to do a better estimate of how much insulin I need.

I took 2/3 my normal dose of long term insulin (20units) and lowered my bolus a few units as well.  I probably should have skipped the alcohol, but it was only a glass and a half of wine, not like a serious binge. After dinner I was out playing poker with some friends until 2am.  Whilst I have done this before I am pretty sure I would have a better performance if I had 2 or 3 extra hours sleep the night before.  I do not believe however that it makes much difference to my diabetic control.  I woke up with higher than normal blood sugar as expected.  I decided this time not to eat substantially before riding.  So I had a cup of coffee and a granola bar on the drive to the area where I was riding.

After a little warm up I started the repetitions.  I checked my blood sugar after a few repetitions and ate an energy gel and a granola bar during the training period.  As usual after the training my blood sugar started to rise.  After I returned home I ate and had some insulin to try to bring my blood sugar down.  This was fine, but I found myself a little later at a picnic and eating again.  I only ate a small amount and the additional bolus was unnecessary less than 3 hours after my previous one.  As a result later that afternoon I had a serious hypo, which while resolved was unpleasant.  I made sure to go to bed with high blood sugar and the following morning I was fine.

Friday evening
23:39 - 254mg/dL
02:02 - 228mg/dL

Saturday morning
06:48 - 157mg/dL, - leaving the house
07:39 - 196mg/dL,Granola bar - before exercise
08:49 - 166mg/dL, Energy gel, Granola bar - during exercise
09:36 - 249mg/dL, after exercise
10:21 - 279mg/dL, back at home
11:25 - 313mg/dL,Hafouch. Tuna toast, Insulin 14units
12:48 - 256mg/dL,Some pita and humous, Insulin 6units
17:08 - 41mg/dL,Cookies, 1 piece of toast.
17:36 - 99mg/dL
20:03 - 234mg/dL
20:32 - 253mg/dL,Beet tart (pastry) with goats cheese, Insulin 10units
22:46 - 306mg/dL

Sunday morning
07:19 - 136mg/dL
08:13 - 126mg/dL

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