Type 1 Cycling

Type 1 Cycling

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Nearly 100KM

I set out to do a 100KM ride.  I planned the route, set my self a target, and almost made it.  I got to 97.5KM and got a puncture.  At this point I decided enough was enough and called my wife to come and get me.  I had no energy to change the inner tube at this point and I wasn't too far from home.  So that was a little disappointing.  From a diabetic point of view I did things differently and I found that it resulted in a much better outcome.

The big difference was that I probably used a lot more insulin than I normally would have.  I retained my 30 unit dose.  I took a little less at dinner the night before, and only 4 units with my sandwich and coffee in the morning.  This meant I had to be super careful and eat enough.  I checked regularly on the ride and ate too.  I had about 4 gels and a couple of granola bars during the ride.  I was told I needed about 15g per hour but that sounded too little I trusted my gut and I was right.  I had 4 energy gels and a granola bar while out on the ride which is more than double what I was recommended.  As you can see from my sugars below, this worked well for me.  If anything I could have eaten more.  I think next time I plan to ride for as long as this I need to do better carb loading.  Perhaps eating a little more bread before the ride would have been helpful but no extra insulin.  When I finished my ride I was heading for a low, fortunately I tested and had some food immediately.  I think I should have eaten soon after I finished the ride instead of waiting until after my shower and nap.

That evening I allowed my blood sugar to rise so that I would not have a low over night.  I thought it might be a little high and having eaten something unexpected in the evening I decided that I should add a correction.  This was a mistake as I ended up waking up very low.  I know better for next time that after a long ride I need to leave my blood sugar on the high side in order not to have hypo over night.

Friday evening
20:03 - 167mg/dL,Friday night dinner,11units short term,30units long term,
22:59 - 312mg/dL,
01:00 - 254mg/dL,
01:28 - 234mg/dL,

Saturday morning
06:13 - 152mg/dL, Bread Roll with peanut butter, Coffee with milk 4units short term
06:55 - 188mg/dL, - leaving the house
07:29 - 196mg/dL, - warm up done, 1 41g energy gel
08:27 - 159mg/dL, - 1 41g energy gel
09:04 - 132mg/dL, - half way point  (50k)1 41g  energy gel and half granola bar
09:50 - energy Gel
10:21 - 141mg/dL, - 80KM, half granola bar
11:30 - 90mg/dL, - back in the car, 2 cookies
11:53 - 108mg/dL,
12:14 - 119mg/dL,
13:18 - 144mg/dL,
13:55 - 139mg/dL,
15:10 - 163mg/dL,Noodles with chicken, 4units short term
16:14 - 183mg/dL,
17:17 - 146mg/dL,2 Bread rolls with cold meat and humous,9units short term.
20:04 - 238mg/dL,
20:47 - 30units long term
21:15 - Some fish and chips I was eating off a friends plate
22:15 - 268mg/dL,
22:15 - 3units short term as a correction for the fish and chips
22:58 - 225mg/dL,

Sunday morning
06:24 - 43mg/dL,3 cookies
07:03 - 106mg/dL,

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