Type 1 Cycling

Type 1 Cycling

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Rainy weekend on the trainer

I had plans to do some big hills this weekend.  With my new regime (eating regularly and maintaining my evening insulin) I was interested to see how that effected my hill climbing.  That and the fact the temperature was due to finally drop out of the high 20s for the first time since before the summer.  I was going to attempt two second category climbs.  The weather though took a turn for the worst.  I just didn't want to risk going out after the first big rain.  The roads here are so dangerous, no one has the faintest idea how to drive in the wet.  After 8 months of sunshine the oil and crud on the roads can make them like ice rinks, descending was not going to be fun.

So I took it easy, just an hour and a half on the trainer.  This is actually the first time I have used my new bike on the trainer.  It was a little strange getting used to, and I really missed the enjoyment of cycling on the road.  I have the cycleops magneto trainer.  Its pretty easy to setup and has a progressive resistance.  That means the faster I go the harder it gets.  Up until now I had thought this was a good thing, but I was wondering whether it might be better to fix the resistance or at least control it making it harder and easier for different intervals.  The only way to control it is to find a gear that you can go at a decent cadence and stick with that.

I settled in to a rhythm, found the right gear, put something to watch on my laptop and off I went.  I have a good space to do it on my balcony.  Its a closed balcony with big windows which I opened all the way.  I still needed a fan on me to keep me cool though.  I had a little bit to eat before starting my ride and the advantage of riding in one spot is that its easy to check my blood sugar while I am riding.  Generally I was fine.  I was not going too hard so didn't feel the need to eat anything during the training period.

My sugars were a little elevated after the exercise but were all brought back in to line later on.  I woke up the following morning with great numbers, really glad there were no swings at all this week.

Friday night:
09/11/2012,20:37,342 mg/dl
09/11/2012,22:10,310 mg/dl
09/11/2012,22:54,309 mg/dl, Latte15g carbs 4u Novorapid
09/11/2012,23:58,272 mg/dl
10/11/2012,00:48,233 mg/dl
10/11/2012,01:46,222 mg/dl
10/11/2012,02:51,193 mg/dl

Sunday morning:
10/11/2012,09:50,114 mg/dl, 4u novorapid, 30g carbs - Coffee with milk, Bread roll with peanut butter
10/11/2012,10:17,150 mg/dl,
10/11/2012,10:38,193 mg/dl,
10/11/2012,11:21,201 mg/dl,
10/11/2012,11:52,176 mg/dl,
10/11/2012,12:30,186 mg/dl,
10/11/2012,13:05,194 mg/dl,
10/11/2012,13:49,180 mg/dl, 9u Novorapid ,Soup with bread
10/11/2012,16:07,176 mg/dl
10/11/2012,18:29,209 mg/dl, 45g carbs - Meat sandwich, 9u Novorapid 30 u Levermir,
10/11/2012,22:47,145 mg/dl
10/11/2012,23:40,126 mg/dl,250g chilli
11/11/2012,00:52,131 mg/dl,Cookie

Sunday morning:
11/11/2012,07:53,124 mg/dl,
11/11/2012,09:17,146 mg/dl,

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